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In the glamorous game of professional football, kickers are the unsung heroes of the gridiron. They are more likely to be remembered for missing a kick than for making one, yet they are expected to walk out on the field cold with three seconds left and split the uprights from 50 yards in a snowstorm… If he makes it, he is the hero for a moment. If he misses, he faces the wrath of an entire city for at least a week, and he may find himself out of a job entirely.

The psychological elements of being a kicker are unparalleled in the sports landscape. With extreme pressure as part of the basic job description, it is no surprise that kickers tend to be cut from a different cloth than position players. These men often have unique personalities with strict training regimens, practice routines and superstitions. Often they can be isolated from their teammates, sometimes by choice.

These are interesting characters with a unique job in a glamorous industry where they score the most points on the field, but they remain misunderstood and are commonly disrespected off the field. The top 31 leading scorers in NFL history are all kickers, but there is only one kicker in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. They play a vital role to their teams by perfecting a skill that looks far easier than it is in reality, and there are only 32 jobs in the world at their position. This feature documentary film tells their story.

THE KICKER features exclusive interviews with:

Jan Stenerud
Morten Andersen
Gary Anderson
Tom Dempsey
Kevin Butler
Nick Lowery
Norm Johnson
John Carney
Jason Hanson
Mike Lansford
Peter Gogolak
Mark Moseley
Matt Stover
Sebastian Janikowski
Billy Cundiff
Nick Folk
Jay Feely
Ryan Succop
Eddie Murray
David Akers
Havard Rugland
Shayne Graham
Olindo Mare
Garrett Hartley
Mike Hollis
Marshall Faulk
Chad Johnson
Jason Campbell
Bill Kenney
Lawyer Milloy
John Carlson
Jordan Babineaux
Robbie Tobeck
Mike Ditka
Ron Jaworski
Joe Namath
Jim E. Mora
Jim L. Mora
Joe Horrigan
Stefan Fatsis
Kenny Mayne
John Clayton
Rick Gonsalves
Michelle Beadle
Rob Riggle

The film is currently in post-production. Stay tuned for updates! Please send all sponsorship, distribution and media inquiries to kickermovie@gmail.com.